Time Tbred 1 Regency 1 Regency 2B Jessamine-Franklin Scott-Woodford Kentucky Tbred 2 Tbred 3 Tbred 4 Tbred 5 Tbred 6 Tbred 7 Tbred 8  
8:30 96-Breakfast with a Kentucky Scientist closed closed 36-Use of Technology in the Classroom: The Paper LESS Future CANCELLED closed 23-Coal - Kentucky's Natural Resource (NEED) (Ex) Cancelled 63-Focus on Energy in Grades 3-5 Cancelled closed closed closed  
9:45 Cancelled 53-Fun With Static Electricity 5-Ten Minutes to Improving Science Achievement (Ex) 86-Science Units for Elementary Teachers: Project Learning Tree 40-Design Thinking in STEAM Learning 11-One and Done…Now Teaching is Fun! 46-Scientific Discourse and Constructing Explanations in Middle School 10-Robotics Coding Introduces Learners to Computer Science 33-Smithsonian Science for the Classroom to the Rescue (Ex) 57-Dissecting Animals? Frog-get About It!    
11:00   73-NGSS and 3-Dimensional Learning in the Science Elective 7-Embedding Practices and Crosscutting Concepts into Hands-On Sciene (Ex) 20-Personalized Online Labs That Grade Themselves (Ex) 19-A New Formula? PASCO + Curriculum = PASCO Education (Ex) 24-Windy: Wind Can Do Work (NEED) (Ex) 51-Planning and Executing PBL Units 32-Climate Change - Human Impacts 66-Promoting Computational Thinking by Using a Beer's Law Simulation 82-Biomes and Invasive Species    
12:00 Lunch Break  
12:30   69-Using Task Evaluation to Understand Dimensionality 54-Physics Make & Take 64-Promoting Classroom Discourse 28-Quarantined: Tech-ing the Risk With At-Risk Youth 87-Green Schools: Good for Budgets - Good for Students 79-How Can POGIL Help Engage and Improve Student Outcomes? 25-Windy: Turbine Blade Design Challenge (NEED) (Ex) 44-Differentiated 3D Modeling in Middle School 91-National Geographic GeoInquiry Process 68-Let Phenomena Drive Your Classroom CANCELLED    
1:45     CANCELLED 37-Writing Storyline NGSS Assessments 50- Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative 58-3D Formative Assessments on the Go! 65-Project Based Learning and 3D Assessment 62-Cross Cutting Concepts for Your Everyday Life 71-Paving the Way to Understanding with Primary Engineering      
3:00 Closing Session - Door Prize Giveaways closed  
Grade Level Codes Primary Primary & Elem. Elementary Elem & Middle Middle Middle & High High School General (all levels)