Time Tbred 1 Regency 1 Regency 2B Jessamine-Franklin Scott-Woodford Kentucky Tbred 2 Tbred 3 Tbred 4 Tbred 5 Tbred 6 Tbred 7 Tbred 8
8:30 Closed 60-Examples of Classroom Embedded Assessments in Action 48-Evolution for Middle School Educators   70-Tricked into Thinking (Ex) 38-Year At a Glance: How to Plan for a Year 29-Teaching Science in a Personalized Learaning Setting 73-Three-Dimensional Learning in the Science Elective 44-Differentiated 3D Modeling in Middle School 10-CANCELLED 21-Dam Water (KY NEED) (Ex) 93-Digital Innovation in STEM is More Than Tech Tools! (Ex)  
9:45 Closed 9-CANCELLED 31-UnBEElievable (Ex) 22-Building Efficiency (KY NEED) (Ex) 67-Using NGSS Resources to "Flip a Lesson" and Improve 3-Dimensionality 11-One and Done…Now Teaching is Fun! 69-Using Task Evaluation to Understand Dimensionality 89-KAS Units of Study Based on Environmental Education 46-Scientific Discourse and Constructing Explanations in Middle School 56-CANCELLED 57-Dissecting Animals? Frog-get About It!
11:00 Closed 64-Promoting Classroom Discourse 32-Climate Change - Human Impacts 6-Sense-Making Through Modeling, Argumentation and Explanations (Ex) 45-Coding and Robots with "Littles" 19-A New Formula? PASCO + Curriculum = PASCO Education (Ex)   74-Everyday Science: Going Down the Rabbit Hole (Ex) 72-3D Assessment for Learning Using Google Suite 42-Science Regret: Why College Students Switch Out of Science Majors 78-STEM-ulating Activities on Human Ecology
12:00 Lunch Break
12:45 - 2:00 Thoroughbred 1 - General Session - Featured Speaker Dr. William Penuel - Outstanding Science Educator Awards - (exhibits closed)
2:15 95-Building Units that Are Coherent from the Student Point of View 37-The Story of Test Writing: Writing Storyline NGSS Assessments 30-MakerSpace Experience (Ex) 8-Evolutionary Evidence in the Fossil Record (Ex) 28-Quarantined: Tech-ing the Risk with At-Risk Youth 55-Creating an Amazing Family Science Night closed 35-Physical Science Models in NGSS - Engaging Yourself and Your Students 85-We've Used TCT's, Now What?   23-Coal - Kentucky's Natural Resource 20-Personalized Online Labs that Grade Themselves (Ex) 81-NGSS: Modeling the Introduction of a New Species (Ex)
3:30 94-Creating Exit Tickets that Focus on Knowledge Building and Student Experience 59-The 3D Pedagogy Flip CANCELLED 34-Do You Know What 3-Dimensional Learning Looks Like? (Ex) 68-Let Phenomena Drive Your Classroom 39-Orbit Earth Expo (Ex) 65-Project-Based Learning and 3D Assessment 41-Archimedes' Principle:Soapy or Not? 47-NGSS Science Teaching Solutions 76-STEM Challenge: Ongoing Engagement Through Problem Solving (eCybermission) 90-National Geographic Educator Certification-Phase I
Grade Level Color Codes Primary Primary & Elem. Elementary Elem & Middle Middle Middle & High High School General (all levels)