Information for Presenters

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Here's a list of frequently asked questions about presenting at the KSTA conference.

The old saying goes that “none of us is as smart as all of us”, and that belief is affirmed every year by attendees to the KSTA annual conference. The community of shared knowledge about science content and teaching strategies is built from the contributions of all those who are willing to share something that has been successful for them. Maybe you’ve given some thought to being one of our conference presenters but have some questions about requirements, procedures or expectations.

Do I have to be a member of KSTA to present?

KSTA policy states that all presenters should be members of the organization.

Do I have to register for the entire conference?

Presenters must be registered as attendees for the conference. Beginning this year, 2018, presenters will receive a 25% discount on registration. The discount will be provided through a coupon code that presenters will receive when proposals are accepted. Note that KSTA offers a one-day registration for Saturday only participation.

What are the Thursday “pre-conference” sessions?

The Thursday pre-conference program is set up for workshop style sessions that last from 3 to 6 hours.

What is the deadline for submitting a session proposal?

Proposals for the 2018 conference should be submitted by September 30. The conference planning committee usually tries to have the program completed and posted on the website by about six weeks ahead of the conference.

Is it possible for exhibitors to present sessions?

By contracting for exhibit space, exhibitors are entitled to have at least one time slot in the program. It is likely that more than one slot can be made available for exhibitors to present sessions.

How many times will I be scheduled to present my session?

It is generally presumed that sessions are to be scheduled for one time, but several can be repeated if they appear to have broad interest and the program has available spaces.

Can I request a certain day or time for my presentation?

Scheduling sessions can get complicated as we try to offer something in each time block for a variety of grade levels, science disciplines and conference subject strands. However, requests for a particular day can usually be honored if they come in early enough.

Will KSTA provide a laptop, projector, screen, or other equipment?

KSTA is not able to provide laptops or projectors. We encourage all presenters to take care in preparing for their session by bringing whatever equipment they think they might need. Most of the meeting rooms that we use at the Hyatt and the Lexington Center have wall space that can act as a reasonably good projection surface. In a few rooms we provide screens when wall space is not appropriate. KSTA will place an extension cord with multiple outlets in each meeting room.

Can I partner with someone else to present?

Some of the most effective sessions are those that involve multiple presenters. One person should be designated as the primary contact for pre-conference communications.

Can KSTA help to distribute copies of my handouts or other materials?

KSTA will create a Dropbox folder for presenters to use in sharing their materials with attendees. A link to the folder will be posted on the KSTA homepage.