Budget-friendly Teacher Workshops from Kentucky Academy of Science, Saturday November 2 at Berea College

The Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) has added 3 Teacher Workshops on Saturday Nov 2 to our Annual Meeting at Berea College. We think teachers will love them but you don’t have to be a teacher to register! All workshops offer professional development credit from Berea College. Registration is at https://www.kyscience.org/teacher_workshops.php

9:00 am Saturday morning workshops

Photovoltaics and solar power
This hands-on inquiry-oriented workshop will prepare you to teach fundamental technology and applications of solar cells. We will discuss both the photovoltaic creation of electricity and basic electrical concepts such as current, voltage, and resistance. Participants will receive a classroom photovoltaic set with enough material for 30 students. Presented by Jon Saderholm of Berea College. This workshop is generously supported by the Charles Rayburn Solar Fund at Berea College. Register at https://www.kyscience.org/teacher_workshops.php

Chemistry of Art
In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn and practice one of these fascinating applications of chemistry in art silk scarf dyeing, brass medallion etching, and Prussian blue pigment synthesis! Workshop participants will get to try each activity and leave with both the final product, as well as handouts and instructors notes for incorporating these artful applications in a chemistry course. Please bring a thumbdrive for an electronic version of materials. $5 fee to cover cost of materials. Register at https://www.kyscience.org/teacher_workshops.php

1:30pm Saturday afternoon workshop

Geology Field trip with KAS Geologists to Big Hill and a fossil collecting site
Rocks in the Berea area range in age from 360 to 320 million years old and represent environments including very deep stagnant seas, shallow subtropical seas, and wide, shallow rivers. This trip will explore Berea's geologic history by examining the rocks left behind in each environment during the 40-million-year history. You will be able to collect several different types of sedimentary rocks and fossils from each environment. This is a hands-on trip; so, come prepared in boots and with collecting bags to work in a roadside setting. Transportation is provided. Led by Frank Ettensohn of UK Earth & Environmental Science Dept. $10. Register at https://www.kyscience.org/teacher_workshops.php