Article I & II

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be The Kentucky Science Teachers Association, hereinafter called the "Association".

Section 2. The official abbreviation for the name of the Association shall be KSTA.


Section 3. The purpose of the Association shall be:

A.    To serve as an effective forum and voice for the science teaching community of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by acting as liaison between this group and the Kentucky Department of Education.

B.    To sponsor statewide and regional meetings of those interested in the teaching of science, thus serving as a medium of exchange for promoting science teaching and science curricula in the schools of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
C.    To assist in the planning of a coordinated program in science.
D.    To encourage activities which will promote the discovery of science interests and outstanding talent among students.
E.    To aid science teachers in the examination and improvement of the quality of their instruction.

F.    To help exchange ideas concerning effective science classroom procedures.
G.    To provide for greater opportunities for professional growth for science teachers.
Article II, Section 3, continued

H.    To unify the efforts of all persons and groups interested in the teaching of science in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I.    To take definite stands and action publicly on issues that affect the preparation, work, and welfare of science teachers, leading to better science programs in the schools.

J.    To promote research in science education.

9-14 Article III & IV


Section 4.        Membership in the Association is limited to those individuals who have paid Association dues for the current calendar year.  Eligibility for membership shall include:

A.    All those who teach science or who train students to be teachers of science in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  To be included are teachers on the elementary, secondary, college, and postgraduate levels.

B.    All students in training in Kentucky to be teachers of science.

C.    All others interested in science education in Kentucky.


Section 5.        The officers of the Association shall be a President, a President-Elect, who shall also serve as Vice-President, Past President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.  

Section 6.        The President-Elect, the Secretary, and the Treasurer  shall be elected by a majority of the members casting ballots in a general election.  The President-Elect shall serve a 1-year term, followed by a one-year term as President and finally act as the Past-President the third year. The Secretary  and the Treasurer shall serve one three-year term of office.   Nominated officers must be a current board member or have served as a board member.  All nominations and recommendations must be in writing.

Section 7.        The Board of Directors shall be composed of:
A.    The elected positions of:
                1.  President
                2.  President-Elect
                3.  Secretary
                4.  Treasurer
B.    The immediate Past President.
C.    Two representatives from each of the KSTA Districts as defined by vote of the board and designed to provide representation on a geographical and population basis.
D.    The following nonvoting positions or appointments may be made:
                1.  The editor of KSTA Newsletter
                2.  KSTA Conference Exhibits Coordinator
                3. Technology Coordinator for KSTA’s web site,
Section 8.         Each KSTA district representative shall hold one three-year term.  Terms shall begin on January 1 of different years.  Elected board members  may succeed themselves for no more than one three-year term.  Board members who have served two consecutive terms may run again after a one term absence from the board. Candidates must be members of the association in good standing and be a current or retired educator residing  or teaching in the district that they represent.  Self-nominations are accepted with letters of recommendation from two (2) KSTA members in good standing.  If candidates are unopposed all slates will be elected by  acclamation.  If a person is appointed to fill the remaining portion of a board member’s term, they are eligible for the next election.

Section 9.        The Executive Committee shall be composed of the five officers (President, President-elect, Past President,  Secretary, and Treasurer)  and the Executive Director.

9-14 Article V

12-09 Article I


Section 1.        The Board of Directors shall:

A.    Determine the policies of the Association.

B.    Provide for an annual fall meeting for the entire membership.

C.    Seek the opinion of those who teach science or those who train students to be teachers of science in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

D.    Budget funds to cover publication of the KSTA Newsletter.

E.    Assure, when possible, that all district areas elect representatives.

F.    Seek grants and contributions to aid the Association in its  activities.

G.    Budget funds to provide a salary for the position of Executive Director.

H.       KSTA may compensate individuals by Board approval through vote to participate, represent, and/or promote KSTA initiated activities, including, but not limited to, workshop facilitator, representation at conference meeting, KDE and other partnership opportunities as defined by KSTA policy.

Section 2.        President -- The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association.  He/she shall vote only in the event of a tie vote upon any resolution.  He/she shall, jointly with another elected officer, sign all written contracts made in the name of the Association.  He shall serve as the Association's representative to the Board of Directors of the National Science Teachers Association.

Section 3.        President-Elect -- The President-Elect shall in the absence or demise of the President perform the duties of the President and when so acting shall have all the powers and be subject to all responsibility hereby given to or imposed upon the President.  He/she shall also serve as the Association's representative to the national meeting of the National Science Teachers Association.  He/she shall chair the election committee.           

Section 4.        Secretary -- The Secretary shall attend to and record the minutes of all proceedings of the Association in the appropriate minute books, and keep an accurate membership data base.

Section 5.        Treasurer -- The Treasurer shall be responsible for the proper keeping of the books of account and such other records as may be prescribed by law and/or required by the Association.  The treasurer shall provide an operating budget to be submitted for board approval.

Section 6.        Immediate Past President -- The Immediate Past President shall serve as chair of the conference planning committee.  The responsibilities of this committee shall include, but not be limited to:

a)    The establishment of working committees for the fall conference;

b)    Planning, selection and organization of the annual fall conference theme and program. 

Section 7.           The Executive Director shall be hired by the Executive Committee as a salaried employee to serve as staff for the organization.  The Duties, compensation, and other detailed terms of employment shall be specified in  a renewable, written contract between the KSTA Board of Directors and the    Executive Director.   The Executive Director will be a nonvoting member of both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

12-09 Article II & III


Section 8.        There shall be three (3) regular meetings of the Board of Directors held each year, one  fall meeting, one in the winter, and one in the summer.  The President or the Executive Committee are empowered to call additional meetings of the Board of Directors.  A notice of at least thirty (30) days must be mailed to all board members for such called meetings.  All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be open to the membership.  A board member is encouraged to designate a nonvoting KSTA alternate from their district to attend any board meeting that they are unable to attend.

Section 9.        The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President or three members of the Executive Committee with at least seven (7) days notice.  Properly scheduled telephone conference calls may constitute a valid meeting.  It will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to provide an orientation as to the role and responsibilities of each new board member prior to their first board meeting.

Section 10.        The quorum for the transaction of business by either the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee shall be a simple majority of the voting membership present. 

Section 11.        The Executive Committee or Board of Directors is empowered to call additional meetings of the entire Association.  A general notice of at least thirty (30) days must be given .  After due notice, the assembled membership shall serve as the quorum for the transaction of business by that group.


Section 12.        The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, in principle, shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Association may adopt.

12-09 Article IV & V


Section 13.        The President shall appoint the following standing committees, such as: Curriculum, Constitution/Legislative, Membership, Awards, Elections, Budget, Strategic Planning, Technology, Newsletter, Professional Development, Leadership Outreach, and Conference Development Committee.

Section 14.        The President shall appoint other committees as needed to carry on the work of the Association.

Section 15.        The immediate Past-President shall appoint those committees needed for the annual meeting of the Association.


Section 16.        KSTA shall be a nonprofit organization.

Section 17.        Dues, grants, contributions, and registration fees at meetings shall be sought to meet the expenses of the Association.

Section 18.        The fiscal year of the Association shall begin July 1 and end  June 30  each year.

Section 19.        Accounts -- The Board of Directors shall maintain proper accounts with respect to:

A.    All sums of money received, donated, or expended by the Association. 

B.    Receipts of all sales and purchases by the Association.
C.    The assets and liabilities of the Association.

D.    Any or all other transactions involving the Association.

Section 20.        Audit -- At the end of each fiscal year, the accounts of the Association will be audited.  The manner in which this process is audited will be determined by the executive Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors.

12-09 Article VI & VII


Section 21.        Contracts -- Any and all deeds, documents, investments, and writings signed for and on behalf of and in the name of the Association by the President and Treasurer with the authorization of the Board of Directors shall be binding upon the Association.  Save as aforesaid or as otherwise stipulated in these By-Laws, no officer, agent, or member shall have any power or authority to bind the Association by any contract or engagement or to pledge its credit.

Section 22.        Checks and Drafts -- All checks, bills or exchange, or other orders for the payment of money, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness issued, accepted, or endorsed in the name of the Association shall be signed by the Treasurer or Executive Director.  Proper receipts must be submitted for reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of KSTA, with no exceptions.

Section 23        Deposits -- All funds of the Association shall be deposited in a timely and responsible fashion to the credit of the Association in a bank or trust company as the Board of Directors may approve.


Section 24.        A proposed amendment to the By-Laws may originate with any member or group within the Association.  Each member of the Board of Directors must be emailed a copy of the proposed amendment at least seven (7) days before the regularly called meeting at which it is to be considered.  For adoption the amendment must be approved by a majority of a quorum of the Board of Directors present at the regular meeting.
 Section 25.        Removal of KSTA Officers and Board Members - KSTA Officer(s) or Board Member(s) may be removed from the board because of:  non-performance of duties, activities that would endanger the professional status of the KSTA, theft or other illegal activity against KSTA, or conviction of a felony.  Impeachment proceedings may be initiated by any board member by making a motion at an open meeting of the board.  Upon gaining a second, the motion is opened for discussion by the board.  A moderator will be chosen to direct the discussion, allowing all parties concerned an opportunity to speak.  The motion may not be delayed or tabled without a majority consent of the board members in attendance (this consent can be determined by a show of hand and is not to be considered a vote on the motion itself).  After discussion, a vote will be called and the motion will be said to pass if 75% of the board members eligible to vote for removal.  Impeachment, once passed, takes effect immediately and that member may not participate in any further KSTA Board of Directors business.  Replacement for any position that is vacated, either by resignation or impeachment, is to be initiated by the executive committee and their recommendation is to be presented to the board for approval.