Science Assessment Resources

From this page, you can access documents and websites that provide information about the Kentucky Science Assessment System. The System was piloted in the spring of 2017 and went into effect for accountability in the 2017 - 2018 school year.  

As part of Kentukcy's Senate Bill 1: Kentucky Academic Standards are up for review in 2020-2021. After the review, standards are revised, and lastly the assessment will be discussed and revised to ensure alignment. Look for opportunities to be involved in the work (e.g., KDE Publication: KY Teacher, subscribe to the KY K12 Science Listserv, and via KSTA Community including the Board Representative for your Region).

The KDE Science Assessment web page is linked here.

An overview of the next generation science assessment system for Kentucky (pdf, 5pgs)

What are Classroom Embedded Assessments? (pdf, 1pg)

Through Course Tasks including Task Bank

KVEC videos on getting started with TCTs

KVEC video discussing frequently asked questions about TCTs

KVEC videos on implementing TCTs