Annual Conference


The 2018 KSTA Conference will be held on November 8 - 10 at the Lexington Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Conference Registration Fees:
One fee covers all three days of the conference; Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday is our pre-conference day with 3 hour and 6 hour workshops that provide an opportunity for in-depth experiences with instructional and assessment techniques and materials. On Friday and Saturday, we are offering as many as 12 concurrent breakout sessions which run from an hour to two hours in length and cover a wide variety of content areas and grade levels. We also offer a single day option on Saturday ( a full 6 hours of PD ) for those who can't get away from school on a weekday.

The full conference rate for KSTA members is $110.00, and the rate for non-members is $165. The Saturday rate for members is $50.00 and $95.00 for non-members. For pre-service education majors, we offer a registration fee of $30.00 with a coupon code that students can obtain from the methods professor at their college or university.

Special Offer for 1st Year Teachers:
KSTA will allow first year teachers to attend the conference at the members-only rate even if they do not have a regular KSTA membership or a joint NSTA/KSTA membership (a savings of $55 off the non-member rate).
In order to qualify for the discount, please confirm your eligibility by filling in this form and having it signed by your school principal. After the form is received, you’ll be sent a coupon code via email, which can be used at checkout when you register.

Link to conference registration form

Find Funding for Attending:
State funding for professional development has been severly limited by recent legislative budgets. As a result, other funding sources have become more important. Check with your building administrator or district PD coordinator to see how Title I, Title II or Title IV monies can be used to support your attendance at the conference. A number of teachers have been able to attend by using financial support from their school's PTA or other booster clubs. (A strong indication that teachers place a high value on this event is the fact that over a quarter of our attendees are paying for registration out of their own personal funds.) 

​Special Offer for Administrators:
KSTA will refund the registration fee for administrators who attend the conference if the following conditions are met:
Building-level administrator (principal, assoc. principal, curriculum coach) - At least two teachers from the building attend
District-level administrator (superintendent, asst. superintendent, etc.) - At least three teachers from the district attend

To obtain your refund, download the application form at this LINK and return it via email to, or by regular mail to the KSTA address.