12-09 Article IV & V


Section 13.        The President shall appoint the following standing committees, such as: Curriculum, Constitution/Legislative, Membership, Awards, Elections, Budget, Strategic Planning, Technology, Newsletter, Professional Development, Leadership Outreach, and Conference Development Committee.

Section 14.        The President shall appoint other committees as needed to carry on the work of the Association.

Section 15.        The immediate Past-President shall appoint those committees needed for the annual meeting of the Association.


Section 16.        KSTA shall be a nonprofit organization.

Section 17.        Dues, grants, contributions, and registration fees at meetings shall be sought to meet the expenses of the Association.

Section 18.        The fiscal year of the Association shall begin July 1 and end  June 30  each year.

Section 19.        Accounts -- The Board of Directors shall maintain proper accounts with respect to:

A.    All sums of money received, donated, or expended by the Association. 

B.    Receipts of all sales and purchases by the Association.
C.    The assets and liabilities of the Association.

D.    Any or all other transactions involving the Association.

Section 20.        Audit -- At the end of each fiscal year, the accounts of the Association will be audited.  The manner in which this process is audited will be determined by the executive Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors.