9-14 Article III & IV


Section 4.        Membership in the Association is limited to those individuals who have paid Association dues for the current calendar year.  Eligibility for membership shall include:

A.    All those who teach science or who train students to be teachers of science in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  To be included are teachers on the elementary, secondary, college, and postgraduate levels.

B.    All students in training in Kentucky to be teachers of science.

C.    All others interested in science education in Kentucky.


Section 5.        The officers of the Association shall be a President, a President-Elect, who shall also serve as Vice-President, Past President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.  

Section 6.        The President-Elect, the Secretary, and the Treasurer  shall be elected by a majority of the members casting ballots in a general election.  The President-Elect shall serve a 1-year term, followed by a one-year term as President and finally act as the Past-President the third year. The Secretary  and the Treasurer shall serve one three-year term of office.   Nominated officers must be a current board member or have served as a board member.  All nominations and recommendations must be in writing.

Section 7.        The Board of Directors shall be composed of:
A.    The elected positions of:
                1.  President
                2.  President-Elect
                3.  Secretary
                4.  Treasurer
B.    The immediate Past President.
C.    Two representatives from each of the KSTA Districts as defined by vote of the board and designed to provide representation on a geographical and population basis.
D.    The following nonvoting positions or appointments may be made:
                1.  The editor of KSTA Newsletter
                2.  KSTA Conference Exhibits Coordinator
                3. Technology Coordinator for KSTA’s web site, www.ksta.org
Section 8.         Each KSTA district representative shall hold one three-year term.  Terms shall begin on January 1 of different years.  Elected board members  may succeed themselves for no more than one three-year term.  Board members who have served two consecutive terms may run again after a one term absence from the board. Candidates must be members of the association in good standing and be a current or retired educator residing  or teaching in the district that they represent.  Self-nominations are accepted with letters of recommendation from two (2) KSTA members in good standing.  If candidates are unopposed all slates will be elected by  acclamation.  If a person is appointed to fill the remaining portion of a board member’s term, they are eligible for the next election.

Section 9.        The Executive Committee shall be composed of the five officers (President, President-elect, Past President,  Secretary, and Treasurer)  and the Executive Director.