Article I & II

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be The Kentucky Science Teachers Association, hereinafter called the "Association".

Section 2. The official abbreviation for the name of the Association shall be KSTA.


Section 3. The purpose of the Association shall be:

A.    To serve as an effective forum and voice for the science teaching community of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by acting as liaison between this group and the Kentucky Department of Education.

B.    To sponsor statewide and regional meetings of those interested in the teaching of science, thus serving as a medium of exchange for promoting science teaching and science curricula in the schools of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
C.    To assist in the planning of a coordinated program in science.
D.    To encourage activities which will promote the discovery of science interests and outstanding talent among students.
E.    To aid science teachers in the examination and improvement of the quality of their instruction.

F.    To help exchange ideas concerning effective science classroom procedures.
G.    To provide for greater opportunities for professional growth for science teachers.
Article II, Section 3, continued

H.    To unify the efforts of all persons and groups interested in the teaching of science in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I.    To take definite stands and action publicly on issues that affect the preparation, work, and welfare of science teachers, leading to better science programs in the schools.

J.    To promote research in science education.