Educational opportunities should not be limited by semantics. Such limitation would be accomplished by the omission of the scientific term evolution. Our position statement is a reflection of a poll of the KSTA membership, a review of NSTA’s position statement, deliberation of the KSTA board members, and reflects the KSTA’s membership position.

Science curricula and teachers should emphasize evolution in a manner commensurate with its importance as a unifying concept in science, and its overall explanatory power.

Policy-makers and administrators should not mandate policies requiring the teaching of creation science, or related concepts such as so-called “intelligent design,” “abrupt appearance,” and “arguments against evolution.”

Science teachers should not advocate any religious view about creation, nor advocate the converse: that there is no possibility of supernatural influence in bringing about the universe as we know it. Teachers should be nonjudgmental about the personal beliefs of students.

Administrators should provide support to teachers as they design and implement curricula that emphasize evolution. This should include inservice education to assist teachers to teach evolution in a comprehensive and professional manner. Administrators also should support teachers against pressure to promote nonscientific views or to diminish or eliminate the study of evolution.

Parental and community involvement in establishing the goals of science education and the curriculum development process should be encouraged and nurtured in our democratic society. However, the professional responsibility of science teachers and curriculum specialists to provide students with quality science education should not be bound by censorship, pseudoscience, inconsistencies, faulty scholarship, or unconstitutional mandates.

Science textbooks shall emphasize evolution as a unifying concept. Publishers should not be required or volunteer to include disclaimers in textbooks concerning the nature and study of evolution.




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