The theme of the 2017 KSTA Conference is "Making Science Visible" and features strands on Phenomena, Gathering Data, Reasoning from Evidence and Scientific Communication. At this time, our planning process for the conference program is well underway with a substantial number of proposals having been already submitted. The deadline for proposals is Sept. 30. You may want to check back here as the program continues to develop.

Thursday "pre-conference" sessions will include:
A 6 hr. workshop for K-12 science teachers by PIMSER personnel entitled: "Classroom Embedded Assessment; Making Student Thinking Visible", more info HERE 
A free 6 hr. workshop for administrators which will focus on the science assessment system.
A free 4 hr. workshop presenting the latest electronic resources developed by Project Learning Tree which will include complimentary intructional materials. 

Throughout Friday and Saturday we'll have a wealth of valuable presentations and hands-on sessions that will enable you to go back to your classroom inspired and equipped to be a more effective science teacher. Here are a few titles already submitted that give a sampling of what to expect.:
     "Developing Classroom Embedded Assessments for High School"
     "Developing CEA's for Primary Grades"
     "Developing CEA's for Middle School"
     "Developing CEA's for Grades 3-5"
     "Splash into Phenomena"
     "Argument-Driven Inquiry"
     "Modeling Instruction? in the High School Classroom"
     "Through Course Tasks"
     "Virtual Labs You Can Conduct and Grade in Under an Hour"
     "Using Phenomena to Engage Students in Science"

When the program of sessions is nearer to completion, you will be able to use the link below to download a PDF version of the printed conference program schedule. Use this document to see the descriptions of the scheduled sessions. To see a grid with just the titles, times and presenters' names click HERE.

2016 KSTA Conference Program with descriptions.





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